Curacao is a desert type island with sandy beaches in Dutch Caribbean island along the coast of Venezuela. After an extreme drought of nearly three years, the heavens have finally opened to please the society.

However there is one part of the sector that is not so happy with the enduring rains. The rainy season usually starts in October and lingers on until early February in most cases. Global warming caused a three drought, which in turn pleased the tourism industry, selling packages to European- and American tourists that want to bathe in x-streme sunshine.

The unlimited use of alcohol at the resorts is backed up by fun-loving casino’s and prostitution. Latin American sex trafficking slaves are an important ingredients for the islands income. Beside the evil side of tourism, vacationers can also visit the rocky beach island for unlimited scuba diving.

Like the underwater environment, the other natural environments are not that well protected on the creole style island, as the laws of “money and unlimited profits” overrule the principles of mankind, according to a local foundation that wants to preserve natural habitats against money laundering pirates that annexed and occupied Curacao for their businesses to perform.

However the weather plays a big role on the horizon. Weather channels have somewhat been corrupted and manipulated by the tourism industry to create favorable weather conditions for targeted visitors to spend their money and fly into the Caribbean at any given time.

The two best known events on Curacao are organized by the music entertainment industry. The locals celebrate Carnival in a great way, but recent restrictions and unfavorable rulings have battered the emotions for the local establishment.

The so-called North Sea Jazz Festival is the other event that is a serious money make/r for the restaurants and hotels that host the attendance, which is flown in from Colombia and Venezuela, and have the resources to buy a $300 ticket to watch the music festival during the summer.

The local tourism industry is not managed by the people’s representatives (government), but by some privately held organizations, like CHATA and the CTB, that control the whole process together with another foreign agent calling themselves Curacao Airport Partners (CAP).

The Swiss-run foreign entity that operates the airport facilities is purely focussed on the tourism and cargo industry. The locals are not of any importance for these greedy puppets that serve foreign interest using Curacao as their spring board to loop into eternity.

The bearable temperatures for sun bathing vacationers to visit Curacao offer the best just after the rainy season from February to June until the hurricane season starts and dumps the island into scorching baking circumstances that can deep fry your skin within 15 minutes. The solar indexes are really off the charts and smart people avoid these months (July-September) for visiting the ABC-islands in the Caribbean.

The cruise tourism sector offers nice packages to investigate the environment, before spending more money, staying at the islands resorts, under the baking desert style sun. The service @ the ABC-islands is rather nasty, except in the tourist factories that use foreign employment entities for their clients to enjoy.

Curacao Tourism Business / Crickey Conservation Society.


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