Because the newly elected American president, Donald Trump does not want to follow the agenda of the elite, the trash campaign against his vision and efforts to rebuild the United States in America, will never stop.

Jewish democratic frontrunner, Bernie Sanders said he feared president Trump would plunge the nation into war? At the moment the U.S. military or covert Blackwater style militants have invaded 88 countries to control their political destinies. Trump wants to change the demanding geo-political attitude to a concept their serves the people and not the elite.

Trump is steering up mixed emotions among the American people and political leaders abroad in order to rewrite history. It is not easy to play this role, and according to Howard Stern, Trump will eventually hate being president and his mental health will determine the outcome of his political campaign.

The Zionist movement against Trump will try to deceive him and use their worldwide media to trash his initiatives. The Zionist media controls over 90% of the worldwide media. Reuters and CNN are their frontrunners, but also the Associated Press (AP) and Agence France Presse (AFP) are used as important information tools for the elite to dump Trump’s metamorfose..

Massive demostrations are organized against president Trump in the USA, with some Hollywood stars cracking the code of conduct. Other groups organized to trash Trump as president are lethal jaw clapping feminists that basically hate men in general. But also gays and lesbians are determined to tear Trump’s idea’s apart.

However and whatever, the Zionists try to accomplish, the retoric will backfire agianst the hatred campaigns launched to  break down his drive to save the American people in need. One in every six Americans is dependent for food on privately supported food kitchen to survive in the Land of Opportunity.

The Russian hybrid connection will make sure that the Americans are going to be protected again by their own government, and not be used in covert economic wars performed by the military. The Russians took care and stopped of the corrupted Clinton vote heist for her to become the first female president.

In return for the activities apprehended, former KGB general was assassinated (probably by Mossad and/or CIA agents), while the police arrested the head of the Russian FSB, Sergei Mikhailov and Kaspersky Lab senior researcher, Ruslan Stoyanov.

Defense / AA Magnum News 2017.


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