The Sunday Times of London reported that the findings by the Dutch Safety Board will be unveiled on Tuesday.

The Western Evidence :

A 15-month investigation by Dutch authorities into doomed Malaysian Airlines Flight 017 has determined a Russian made missile (*1) shot the plane down over Ukraine and killed all 298 people on board.

Dutch investigators studied shrapnel from the July 17, 2014 crash (*2), plus statements from Ukrainian separatists (*3), images of a BUK-missile launcher in the area and intelligence phone records (*4).

They concluded on circumstantial evidence that separatists freedom fighters, using weapons provided by Russia, hit the Boeing 777, believing it to be an Ukrainian warplane.

The Russian Minded Evidence :

(*1) The type of Russian Buk missile supposed to have been used by rebels, are not the ones the Russians have operational. The missile system must have been an older version, operated by the Ukrainian Army.

(*2) Not all shrapnel was collected for evidence by the Dutch authorities? A very strange procedure to say at least! Russian radar images proved the MH-17 was accompanied by an Ukrainian war jet that shot multiple holes into the fuselage of the Boeing 777. The Dutch Safety Board reported that the airliner had multiple holes in fuselage, but that this only belonged to Buk shrapnel pieces.

(*3) Ukrainian separatists were believed to be untrustworthy, so why do the investigators suddenly believe fabricated reports, that show no actual evidence.

(*4) Intelligence and phone records are all being manipulated by the NSA and U.S. Homeland Security. Snowden and other sources revealed enough evidence to prove these assumptions. The report has much in common with the Lockerbie Pan-Am file. Somebody did and that was all. At that time there were Libyan agents involved that suspiciously died of cancer. And now the Russian Buk missile, based upon one of two (photoshopped) pictures?

All in all the Dutch Report is based on circumstantial evidence and show no evidence of any radar trajectory. Nor does it respect any other version of aviation specialists. The controversial report also states that some passengers might still have been alive for the 90 seconds it took fro the wreckage to come down.

This means that the Boeing 777 was not destroyed by a BUK missile, because this type of weaponry would have completely destroyed the airplane. Many parts of MH-17 were found with 30mm bullet holes, the ammunition Ukrainian Su-25 war jets carried.

The most important unanswered question remains ; why were the 290 intact bodies of the victims were never released to their families for proper burial? Too many questions remain unanswered for the report to be taken serious.

The evidence is clearly staged towards Russian criminal involvement, because of Russian weapon systems that have been used to blow up the MH-17, at a moment 160 other planes were in the sky above Ukraine at that moment.

Varnet Magazine / AA edited News 2015.


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