The Dutch Olympic Committee confirmed that four years ago, Anema attempted to fix a speed skating race at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Jillert Anema, who is Dutch, was in charge of the French pursuit team at the time. Prior to a race that featured the overmatched French and the favored Netherlands squad, Anema approached his Dutch counterpart and essentially asked him to have his team take it easy, according to a report from Dutch newspaper Volkskrant.

In exchange, Anema reportedly offered guaranteed Dutch victory, as long as it was not by a wide margin. The motives here are complex. One of Anema’s French skaters was reportedly sick. He knew his team had no shot. He also reportedly knew that if his team got lapped in the race, it risked losing funding from the French government.

Dutch officials reprimanded Anema in a written warning, but kept the warning private, and seemingly tried to keep the story under wraps. It was, however, uncovered four years later, and the Dutch Olympic committee was forced to admit to issuing the warning.

The Dutch skating federation and the Olympic committee have bigger problems to attend to. This story will likely dog them, and more so Anema, for a while.

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