Egyptian authorities have temporarily allowed the re-opening of the Rafah crossing east of the country to the besieged Gaza Strip for this weekend.

It has been a routine for Egypt over the past 10 years to keep Rafah closed in what many call Cairo’s alignment with Israel against the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, the dominant force in the surrounded Gaza Strip.

Hamas only recently ceded administrative control of the enclave to the Palestinian Authority, the organization that controls the occupied West Bank, in an Egyptian-brokered unity deal meant to ease frictions between the two sides.

The reopening on Saturday, which would last for three days and comes on a humanitarian bases, is meant to reduce the increasing number of people stranded on both sides of the frontier. However, there was no report that the two sides had reached an agreement to run the crossing on a regular basis, which the regime in Tel Aviv has fiercely opposed over the past years.

Israel has launched two hostile wars on Gaza since Hamas took office in 2007, while the Israeli regime maintains a crippling siege on the Mediterranean enclave, leaving many in desperate need of medicine and other humanitarian aid. / AA Magnum Analyst Blog News 2017.


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