Elephants in Nepal helped rescue hundreds of tourists trapped in the Sauraha district of Chitwan, after four days of Monsoon rains have been pounding the area with overloads of water. The flooding started when the Rapti River burst from its banks, which claimed at least 100 lives so far.

The Red Cross, which is helping with relief efforts say up to 100.000 people have been affected in Nepal, leaving many without electricity or a way of calling for help. According to officials, 33% of the 75 districts in the country are reportedly under water or have been hit by landslides.

Rescuers have been using elephants to help over 500 tourists escape the ordeal, which guided them to safer havens. The Nepal authorities instructed rescue organizations to help flood victims, and move them to safer locations in order to immediately provide them relief.

Nepal isn’t the only country in the region dealing with the monsoon related flooding and landslides. Over the last couple of days nearly 2.3 million people were displaced in the nearby northeastern Indian state of Assam.

The magnitude of the monsoon rains have surprised the people living in the areas. Climate change, thanks human behavior and industrial pollution has proven to have contributed to the ordeal. The aviation industry is delivering a substantial part of CO2 to the global emissions, making worldwide traveling tourists a polluting industry on itself.

BBC / AA Magnum Analyst Blog Site News 2017.


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