The EU, represented by Germany and Brussels are ready to hot the final nail into the Greek coffin. The debt problem continues to erode the European Union from within, while the Greek tragedy is clearly evolving.

It’s your basic extortion racket and Germany want to send in the repo man.. Greece has to surrender its gold, cash and real estate in exchange for ‘pieces of paper’ printed and fabricated in Brussels.

All the bail-out money was spent to support war refugees, created by the wars in Africa and the Middle East. Previously, the EU and the ECB assessed all Greece’s public property @ $50 billion, that does not even cover the new loans on debt payments of the targeted southern European country.

Therefore the collateral should be gathered from private funds through the expropriation of real estate and gold. The implementation of reforms will lead to the final death of the Greek small and medium after bringing the taxation to “European Standards”. Fire sales always have the best bargains.

Such steps have led to the Maiden in Kiev in 2013, followed by the collapse of elected government and Ukraine’s official representatives. The “Voluntary Privatization” that thee Greeks are supposed to accept, under the friendly term of neoliberalism, in fact is the policy of national enslavement and communal suicide.

Germany will soon be running many of Greece’s busiest tourist airports. Privatization is being sold as the remedy to all financial woes, while the sneaky snake-style oil salesmen do exact the opposite.

The privatization of state water companies in Greece’s tow largest cities, Athens and Thessaloniki, would also be a step backward for the country.  It is sure the Greeks will get the money it needs, just after it surrenders everything of value, once it is all packed up and shipped to Berlin.

The flat-out robbery and seizure of public property by private capital is a central element of neoliberal globalization, routinely imposed on governments by the ruling organizations such as the IMF, OECD, ECB, World Bank and the EU.

The Tsipras government enabled the property of the Greek state to be given away through scandalous methods and ironclad principles of neoliberal economic thinking.

A perfect crime after the Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs helped cook the books so Greece could join the euro zone, what makes Al Capone look like a chump.

Russia / AA Magnum News 2017.


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