The fifth generation fighter jet better known as the JSF will get more expensive now many orders are cancelled due to the reccesion. Together Canada and the US will buy 2.500 Joint Stike Fighters from Lockheed-Martin.

Conspiracy theorists predict that the F-35 is doomed to fail and will probably be the most expensive fighter jet ever build. The cost of one war plane could rise from $150 million to as much as $300 million at the time the electronics have been addressed for the jet to perform.

iNews – WWIII

De Joint Strike Fighter wordt na veel afzeggingen van orders steeds duurder om aan te schaffen. Amerika en Canada zullen het leeuwendeel afnemen en samen ongeveer 2500 stuks aanschaffen. Lockheed-Martin schat dat de huidige prijs rond de 140 miljoen dollar per vliegtuig zou gaan uitkomen.

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