Facebook’s new plan to filter so-called “Fake News” is heading towards complete censorship of the alternative media.

Launching all this fog is supposed to conceal the facts from people in violation with their basic constitutional rights. The existing laws that prohibit insulting wordings and false statements are quite sufficient to operate with. We do not need a new law or news wordings such as ‘fake news’ or ‘hate speech’.

What is going on here is not filtering fake news and/or reports that do not correspond with reality. This is an attempt of the political class to regain power over their lost subscribers. The global elite is loosing power big time, because of their fake news.

Publishing half the truth is misleading the people who are not well enough educated, or who can not filter facts from opinion on a regular basis. Reading between the lines is a must and basic concept for understanding what is really going on in this world.

The attempt of the “elite” to regain power, domination and control over political and public discourse by actively interfering in the fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution, in particular such as the freedom of press and freedom of speech.

Facebook already uses fake members (secret services) to flag any story that appears in their news feed they suspect is ‘fake news’. The story will than be dispatched to organizations such as “Correctiv” to “determine” and mark the story as fake, for it to be blocked from being promoted in users’ feeds.

The “freedom of deceiving” readers is coming to an end, and the Facebook policy will not exclude the truth from being written and published. By now most people who smarted up already know their way around the internet for their follower to secure their wisdom. Information is power.

Who checks the checkers?

Reuters / AA Magnum News 2017.


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