The Western mainstream media uses the inflicted casualties in Venezuela for their propaganda services in order to trash the government in Caracas and blame them of wrongdoing.

President Maduro has been vague about what changes he wants to make in the country’s constitution. Maduro’s main aim may be to get the press talking about something else, besides the violent protests that are going on for 5 weeks in a row, which left three dozen people death.

How did the constitution come to be so important in a country that has rewritten its founding document more than two dozen times. Maduro says the convention is needed to restore peace and give more power to the communities.

The current constitution does not really dictate how Maduro should select the members of the convention, but he will probably pick a sympathetic group. Hugo Chavez pushed through what he called an ‘anti capitalist’ constitution, after he launched his socialist revolution.

The anti propaganda campaign issued against Maduro is organized to sabotage the government in Caracas, with the help of Washington politicians that serve as puppets for the giant oil companies, that rule the world and everything in it, as long as oil is nominated in US dollars.

Venezuela is the world leader as it comes to the “spending percentage” as part of the country’s GDP. But if the IMF sanctions Caracas from trading in dollars, any economy will collapse. Especially if there are 6 million Colombian refugees raiding the subsidized supermarkets to enrich themselves, but leave the shelves empty.

Apart from these two “Horror House” factors, Washington nailed the final nail into the coffin of the socialist movement. The USA has forbidden Venezuelan officials from representing the oil-rich Latin American country. So with no money, no representatives and looting Colombians, how is it possible that Maduro is still in charge?

Well, that has to do with China and Russia. Moscow provided Venezuela with military hardware to combat a possible military intervention, like how the Americans committed war crimes in Iraq, Libya, Syria and many other victims of their dictatorial rule. However this type of hegemony will not last forever.

China made sure the isolated Venezuelans would not be starved to death. With a $50 billion loan, Beijing supported the agricultural sector and provided the educational system with a much-needed boost, so Caracas was not to be dependent on the US dollar anymore.

Fox / AA Magnum News 2017.


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