If you believe in thermometers, one must believe global warming, and if you like eating ‘fried potatoes’, you should worry more about global warming.

As the planet’s climate changes the growth cycles of staple crops will all be heavily affected, even by a small worldwide increase of global temperatures.

Much of the foods we rely on for our daily diet, will be in trouble for harvesting enough it. Potatoes for instance need a cool night time temperature in order to start growing. India, or better said the Himalayan Foothills will be one of the only countries left to grow this crop.

Since disease and pests are also becoming more of a factor under warmer temperatures, Arabica Coffee comes under a larger threat in Central America. Coffee grows at a certain temperature range and at some point farmers run out of mountains to move their crops up.

Three crops like apples and cherries will produce less, if winter periods shorten, which results in smaller crops. Global warming might also ring the end of the Pasta’s, as the USA, India, Canada, Russia and China already experienced a 5.5% decline in Durum Wheat crop yields.

The other cornerstone of the human food chain, rice will also be in trouble when global temperatures rise. Rising sea levels will flood the rice paddies and disrupt water salinity levels, while droughts will lower production.

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