Every year Forbes Magazine present the world’s richest people list to shed attention on who lost their billions and who raked in more money to become more famous.

It seems that Microsoft’s billionaire Bill Gates have become the new leader on the list, followed by Wells Fargo banker, Warren Buffet. Bill Gates now has $86 billion to show for, while old-timer Buffet got stuck @ $78 billion.

Amazon’s, Jeff Bezos seems to be good for $73 billion. In the end we all realize, that money does not make the world turn or make people happier, and all in all, the real richest typhoons of planet Earth will never enlist themselves for this kind of boring show.

Multiple researches have shown that poorer people live happier lives, because they respect other people and share their wealth with others. Rich people do not share a dime with useless eaters on our planet. They often indicate that they have charity organizations, which are in fact fund-raising tools to make them even richer.

The Top-4 of the real richest people in the world, belong to the Rothschild’s (owners of all central banks, except Russia, Hungary, Syria, Libya, Cuba and North Korea), Oppenheimer’s (Diamond magnates), and Rockefeller’s (Oil and Commercial Banking).

The undisputed number one in the world today is the family Dupont (Chemicals and Pharma). These people have so much money and assets in their accounts, it’s hard to imagine why these people live their lives as prisoners, choked up by their own material riches.

These families control all our global institutions, like the IMF, WHO, WTO, UN and many other, together with the giant oil industry and banking commercial companies, gold and diamond mines, which are protected by law.

So, its very nice to realize Gates and Bezos are having Buffet between them, but in the end the victory stays with the people that are still able to love each other and build happy lives together.

Forbes / Crickey Conservation Society.


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