Before the upcoming French elections on Sunday, ten thousands of emails were hacked and stolen from accounts of Macron’s political movement and posted on-line late on Friday.

As usual, Russia was accused of masterminding the massive leak of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s campaign emails despite pre-election silence in France. However no evidence was provided.

The Macron email dump took place just hours before a media black out of campaign propaganda came into force in France. After the Clinton election disaster, the Zionist elite must let former Rothschild-banker, Macron win the elections or a serious attempt against their reign is coming into effect.

Marine Le Pen looks to be gaining votes of the center right establishment. But for now Free Mason, Macron is in the lead with an estimated 60% of the French voters behind him. At eight o’clock sharp, the winner will be presented on the French television on Sunday night.

Reuters / AA Magnum News 2017.


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