A fire @ a Nuclear Plant in Flamanville, caused an explosion forcing authorities to shut down one of the two pressurized water reactors @ the facility in Northern France.

Emergency and rescue agencies saved 5 people with minor injuries due to smoke inhalation. Local officials said that the blast was a significant technical event and not a nuclear accident. However we saw what happened in 2011 in Fukushima, Japan, when the water cooling systems failed after an earthquake and tsunami.

France is ruling out a terror attack @ the largest nuclear facility in the world, after a ventilator exploded outside the nuclear zone at the plant. 

The Flamanville facility was built in 1980 and has two 1.300 megawatt reactors. A third reactor is under construction, making it the largest in the world of its kind, when it goes into operation in 2018.

France relies heavy on nuclear power for electricity production. All the nuclear reactors in France generate about 75% of the French electricity supply.

AFP / Crickey Conservation Society.


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