Earlier this week French military shipbuilder DCNS signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Poland’s state-run defense company PGZ to cooperate together on the construction of @ least three submarines @ Poland’s Baltic shipyards.

The MOU came three months after Warsaw cancelled a preliminary $3.4 bilion deal with Paris on the purchase of 50 French Airbus H225M Caracal helicopters. Earlier the Polish government asked Hollande not to sell Mistral amphibious ships to Russia, and in return pledged to buy the now cancelled 50 Airbus helicopters? Warsaw bought American helicopters instead!

The scandal was tremendous, and in this context the current deal between PGZ and DCNS on the construction of submarines @ the shipyards in Poland may be cancelled into question. These confusing aspects prove France is simply trying to sell its military hardware, while it’s ambitions are also related to strengthening NATO’s position in Europe.

Meanwhile the Polish Defense Ministry reported that US military tank brigade has arrived in Poland as part of the Atlantic Resolve Operation. Approximately 3.500 US soldiers, together with 87 tanks, 400 Humvees, 144 Bradley armored fighting vehicles and 18 self-propelled Paladin howitzers are also to arrive in Poland.

The Americans are undermining the European strategic stability and use NATO as an excuse to deploy their troops at Russia’s doorstep. Earlier the deployment of anti-ballistic missile systems and radars arrived in Romania and Poland.

NATO’s massive deployment to Eastern Europe ratchets up with Moscow. NATO also deployed 4.000 soldiers taking part in multi-national NATO battalions to Estonia, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.

In the meanwhile the Zionist propaganda media reports that Russia forms a threat to the European economic stability, while being sanctioned by the warmonger puppets in Washington.

Sputnik / AA Magnum News 2017.


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