In the run-up to the upcoming German elections, the biggest local newspaper, Der Spiegel accuses “Online Extremists” of spreading “Kremlin Propaganda”.

The German mainstream media appears to be mimicking their American counterparts hysteria over Russian influence. Last week, Der Spiegel informed the public about a dangerous group of Russian agents to end the election campaign of the German opposition.

The outrage we are told is part of a sinister strategy to undermine the German political process. Or, which is it? Do the Russians want to literally “hack the election” as was said after the Trump election? Or do they want to cause uncertainty about the results, if Merkel does not get re-elected? Or maybe the Russians are inexplicably adversarial shadow that seeks to harm Germany whenever convenient.

Like this, one gets the sense that Western governments and media would be incredulous @ losses for their preferred political parties if voters actually willingly chose to vote against them, after causing economical turmoil in the European Union.

Given the Western establishment’s antipathy for patriotism among their own countrymen, one shouldn’t be too shocked to discover that these “online activists” are not Russian puppets, but simply what they claim to be, staunch German conservatives and patriots, that want the corrupted establishment out-of-the-way in order to claim back social development and humanitarian progress. / AA Magnum Analyst Blog News 2017.


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