The German Minster of Justice, Heiko Mass has approved a plan to punish and fine social networks if they not remove “hateful postings” quickly. This step proves that the German regime has been manipulated by Zionist entities in a final decisive attempt to limit free expression in Europe.

Germany already has some of the world’s toughest ‘freedom of speech’ laws, called “hate speech laws” that forbids incitement to commit crimes and violence, backed by prison sentences. At the same time, the same government is involved in assisting others to commit war crimes in the Middle East?

The law was launched to protect the so-called Jewish holocaust victims confronted with antisemitism like holocaust denial. History has provided the world with new updates regarding the number of Jewish holocaust victims. According to experts that are still alive, the 6 million figure is not justified anymore.

Records show that about one million Jews were registered in so-called Polish and Ukrainian labor ‘death’ camps, together with many other minorities living in Europe.

However, most of the Jews escaped the ordeal and have taken on new identities, to protect their whereabouts. Thousands of them even collected social welfare benefits and compensations in the USA, showing that these so-called missing persons were still alive after WW II, but under different names.

German Justice boss Heiko Maas even added that he would now seek to push for similar rules @ a European level. Fascism rules over the EU, as alternative media networks proved that much of our so-called is history is based on deception and lies.

A good example are number of WW II casualties that the media pays attention to, or are commemorated by the Western communities. The multi media presents countless programs about Jewish WW II victims and flagrantly ignore the 25 million Russian and 20 million Chinese killed during WW II!

Now that the Jewish story have been proven to be manufactured, evil entities in Europe are on the rise and abuse Muslim war refugees for the economic and social downfall and final collapse of Europe. Zionists own the world and all the people whom live in it! Ethnic cleansing programs and human engineering scams are part of this evil movement.

The Jewish people in disguise own the central banks and investment banks around the world and control all the governments through the institutions such as the World Bank, World Trade Organization, IMF and the United Nations. Everybody, who believes something else must be part of a complete joke or a corrupted agent.

The issue has taken on more urgency as German politicians worry that a proliferation of ‘fake news & racist content’ might undermine the international business society that use refugees as cheap labor alternatives.

However, various organizations representing digital companies, consumers and journalists, accused the German government of rushing the legislation to parliament, that could damage and forever undermine freedom of speech!

It is completely wrong to make social networks into a content police. The new fascist law would give social networks 24 hours to delete or block obviously criminal content and seven days to deal with less clear-cut cases.

The only way to escape this so-called justification is to move the web address or entity to another country, that does not provide these kind of exceptional tragic laws.

Business Insider / AA Magnum News 2017.


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