The German defense authorities finally ordered to withdraw its Tornado & Tanker jets from Turkey. The political ties between both NATO partners have deteriorated after Ankara decided to participate in a truce agreement for Syria.

The German Air Force jets will now be deployed in Jordan, in order to continue its military support for the US-led coalition, that is operating in Syria without permission of the UN Security Council? The German Tornado war jets will now join Dutch F-16’s deployments stationed in Jordan.

The Americans just signed a peace treaty with Russia regarding Syria, but as usual the Zionist warmonger puppets will not hold up to their end of the deal. Instead of puling back NATO’s military forces, the war coalition just re-deploys them to a non-NATO member located in the regional War Zone.

The German state official said that the Tornado jets were scheduled to be deployed in the Jordanian Air Base by October. The Turkish government confirmed that the withdrawal of German troops had begun.

The German fascist parliament approved the troops pull-out, after Turkey refused to allow German Zionist lawmakers to visit the Incirlik Air-Force Base, where the USA stashed it nuclear bombs for NATO missions.

DW / AA Magnum News 2017.


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