In 2010, for the first time since the ending of WW II in 1945, German military troops became officially stationed in France. This week German DM, von der Leyen ordered 10.000 combat troops to be ready to enter into France.

The greatest fear among the ruling EU elites is that no matter how the this Sunday’s vote turns out, massive riots will erupt all across this embattled nation, with no one knowing on which side the French Foreign Legion will take position, as this military organization does not swear allegiance to France.

The French presidential campaign has derailed from the democratic path. We are now witnessing a condition of the electorate, such as Europe has not known since WW II. It concerns the work of propaganda in the dictatorial sense, which should lead to the election of tax evading Rothschild banker, Emmanuel Macron.

The French electorate is now preparing to vote en mass in the second round for a person against whom they demonstrated just as massively two years ago. The elite are doing so in order to protect themselves from an danger that is even more deadly in their eyes, Marine Le Pen.

Every one of the regional and national daily newspapers, without exception denounce the danger of Le Pen and call for votes for Macron, in order to block her accession to power! 

According to sociologist, Jean-Claude Pays, the vulgarity of the false accusations, supported by anyone of the daily newspapers has provoked an effect, that the numb French voters march towards the ballot box to vote as they have been ordered to.

Macron himself declared that WW I started by leaders who believed destruction was the only way out. On this platform he accused Marine Le Pen of sharing the same ideology as the WW II aggressor.

The deployment of German Rapid Forces Division to France in 2017 is based on a whole different ball game. With riots erupting all across France after Le Pen’s 23 April win, her winning the French presidency could very engulf the entire nation in flames, should she prevail on Sunday.

But, should Macron win, the entire European Union maybe plunged into outright civil war as a shocking new poll has revealed that over half of the French youth are now prepared to revolt against there elite globalist leaders.

Marine Le Pen wants to close the French borders and expel or detain all those suspected of being Islamic radicals, while Macron wants to keep them open in order for the ethnic cleansing programs to continue as part of the human engineering agenda. / AA Magnum News 2017.


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