Germany is heading for Jordan to support the south front where ISIS is trained and enters Syria. The German war minister, Ursula Von der Leyen is famous for the sentence, we will decide who governs Damascus.

Lately Germany invested $65 million of the EU-tax payers money into the infrastructure of their Turkish NATO air base in Incirlik. Now with the new Syrian-Russian “no fly zones’, the US coalition forces can not support their boots on the ground in Deir Ezzor anymore.

Now that NATO proxies are getting destroyed in northern Syria, the German move is to help heat thing up in southern Syria. Once it was the British and the French empire in the Middle East. Now the whole of Europe has joined to take over the Middle East for the Zionist empire.

Today Muslims are being reduced to the kind of slaves the world has never seen before, with the puppet King in Jordan who is kindly prepared and willing to do anything for money. Germany had about 250 military personnel stationed at Incirlik, flying NATO surveillance missions over Syria.

The announcement came after Turkey prevented German lawmakers from visiting the country’s soldiers @ the Incirlik air base, in response to Berlin’s decision to grant asylum to Turkish soldiers, acussed of participating in last year’s failed coup.

At the end the Syrian Arab Army will destroy the hostile invaders, forcing ISIS and its Western allies back into Jordan. Today the Iraqi government troops already declared their victory over ISIS in the battle of Mosul.

Press TV / AA Magnum News 2017.


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