German insurance companies are increasingly starting to pay for Cannabis treatments in order to improve public health. German patients can receive cannabis on prescription since March 2017.

The costs of cannabis therapies in Germany are being increasingly covered by the country’s public health insurance companies, which means patients who receive the non-conventional treatment don’t have to pay for it out of their own pockets.

Nearly 10,000 applications for medical marijuana therapy have been received by the country’s two largest health insurance companies, with over half of them being approved.

One of the largest public health insurance firms in Germany, the AOK, received 6,600 applications for the reimbursement of medical cannabis treatments in 2017. About 65% of these applications have been approved so far.

Germany’s second-largest public health insurer, Barmer, has also approved most of the applications for cannabis therapies this year. However, seriously ill patients must first try all standard therapies before they can apply for cannabis treatment, and only if those didn’t help the prescription gets accepted for coverage.

Since the use of cannabis for medical purposes has been legalized by the government earlier this year, the company received about 2,900 applications for reimbursement, with about 1,700 of them being approved.

In March 2017, German authorities adopted a law according to which seriously ill patients are allowed to use medical marijuana for treatment. At the same time, planting or using marijuana for recreational purposes continues to be illegal all across the republic. / AA Magnum Analyst News 2017.


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