The UK parliamentary report into Britain’s relations with Russia failed to provide ‘evidence’ of ‘fake news’ in its assessment of Sputnik News and RT’s activities.

UK’s House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee looked into the claims that the news outlets in question were operating as a ‘propaganda machine’ for the Kremlin, but could not provide any evidence. All kinds of allegations are repeatedly made and amplified in the mainstream media against Russia.

America and Britain amplify these trashy allegations in their mainstream media to a point where people accept them as facts, even though they have never seen any evidence to confirm that these allegations are ‘indeed’ correct.

On the other hand the House of Lords points out that the ‘watching of RT’ accounts for only 0.04% of British TV viewing time. So if the news outlets are so poorly viewed, why are the UK politicians so worried about it?

RT and other Russian media represent Russian viewpoints and interests, and that is why they are there. This does not automatically mean or suggest that the Russian news is fake. Russians are well-known for their commitment to provide transparent news nowadays.

The Russian media provides the world with a different perspective, and even more importantly, it makes Western countries realize that their news coverages are not objective at all. At the end the UK simply failed to figure out how to close the RT channel.

The BBC and CNN coverage of the war in Syria and Ukraine proved how these entities censor the reality and promote fake news to their brainwashed audience. Also the U.S. presidential campaign has been manicured to trash Trump, but failed to do so in the end.

AA Magnum News 2o17.


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