Goldman Sachs goes beyond the automation that has been creeping across trading floors for years and now the computer science is being applied to investment banking, because where GS goes, the Street often follows.

The fundamental truth about Goldman Sachs how they described Google in their presentation. Google produces software services, and those software services aggregate the attention of billions of people, for Google to sell the attention of billions of people to advertisers.

Goldman Sachs has now built what it calls Data Lake, pulling in information on transactions, markets and investment research, as well as insights from emails, voice calls and instant messages. The bank is putting all that data in the same place and applying machine learning.

The idea is to guide employees on who to call and when, using that for the benefit of the clients to get a better result is to what GS is up to. The next step is to put the corrupted data into the hands of their clients. The new plan in contrast has one data services hub, which draws data from owners into one location to control the lucrative business opportunity.

It’s model is based on API’s, which are the standard way for computer programs to talk one and other without human intervention. This model is based on taking in data, pushing it through analytics engines, then making it to internal and external clients through the GS digital platform that steers the money world.

Historically, the PI’s has been human beings talking to other human beings over the telephone, and all the tools, the content, the analytics is on the internal platform only. This is now shifted radically and fast to package everything GS does, redesigning the whole company into an information-technology company.

The Cyber Deception Business is now in full swing to cut of human interference for ever. This will result into more fake news, fake products and fake people pushed into the cradle of evil and Satansim.

Business Insider / AA Magnum News 2017.


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