The most recent major “salvage operation’ issued and conducted by Goldman Sachs was in Greece. However the fight against the Greek Orthodox Church, which virtually owns the entire country, can not materialize unless the registration of the land will be digitalized in order to annex the Greek properties.

In Latin America, country’s like Venezuela are one of the many financially raped nations by the recent western instigated oil-crisis, ignited by Saudi Arabia (dumping oil onto the international markets), for Goldman Sachs to appear as Zionist loan sharks for the troubled countries.

Everyone’s favorite American bank ‘generously’ offered Venezuela 41% for its oil revenue (*) of the $4 billion owned by the Dominican Republic to the PdVSA. The attack on the national heritage (giving such obligations at a discount for those proportions) was intended to crash the Bolivar currency. Not that the IMF is not contributing to that in order to make the Venezuelan economy crash.

At the moment all the oil producing nations are in trouble because of the oil hoax. Only Kuwait and Qatar are still able to make a couple of dollars on the barrel nowadays. The crisis is used to dominate and take over oil-rich countries assets (via western banks) in order to control the economies, with modern technology.

The financial crisis facing Venezuela (the country with the world’s largest proven oil deposits) generated great doubts about the country’s ability to continue subsidizing oil economy with Cuba and its other mostly Caribbean allies. The greedy western oil giants want to take it all and can not imagine a social compromise favoring the world society?

Greed, ego and lust are the main factors driving this type of protocols for the elite to prevail. Great Britain, Israel and the USA, serve as the machines for the Zionist to annex all the world goods and minerals. However China and Russia are not yet willing to surrender to these thugs.

The tax-paying slaves of the western Zionist system are the ones that finance the wars, for their military forces to occupy their oil rich properties, like ‘for example’ in the warzones of Iraq and Syria (NATO & ISIS), Nigeria (Boko Haram), Venezuela (IMF) and the completely destroyed African country of Libya, with the help of the UN.

But also Russia is also on this imperialist hitlist, but their military technology proved to be much to strong for the Americans to deal with. The American Navy for instance will soon be obsolete.

Who / AA News 2014.


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