Most people living in the real world today know that Google & Facebook are the two entities that control the world-wide-web ( and all the marketing tools involved.

Google creates accounts for people and businesses to share contributions extracted from advertisements made by involved websites. If certain customers want to cash in on their agreed commission, the Google policies all of a sudden change, dubbing their clients for violating the mutual business-agreement.

Not surprisingly, Google doesn’t offer any customer service for people or businesses to claim their copyrights. This way Google can annex all other people’s income and get rich by deceiving the public under fake conditions.

Facebook works with the same kind of terms, although they offer corrupted customer service that does not lead to any solution. Facebook owns your pictures, comments and everything else people post. Plain and simple, if customer do not agree, than the Facebook-account shall be closed indefinitely.

These mechanism for sabotage and financial corruption is one of the most common aspects in our modern-day economy. Brainwashing people with fake news, fake governments and fake followers, has become the new specialized tool for massive propaganda manipulations.

Therefore agreements with Google and Facebook are worthless, because they only provide these evil entities with money stolen through shady-operating-schemes, that need to satisfy their greedy fascist attitude, ripping off AdSense victims.

Google trashes entities and people that do not cooperate with Google’s fascist implementations. They decide who and where people and businesses can advertise. Anyone neglecting these standards is seen as an enemy and shall be haunted to extinction.

Marketing and advertisement attempts without Google’s consent/approval is seen as a sin and will be dubbed as a-violation-of Google’s policies.

Magnum News 2017.



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