Chemical pesticides are designed to kill things, most of which are very toxic and not good for you! In developing children, pesticides have been found to create neurological problems, which may impair learning, memory and attention.

The Dirty Dozen Foods list shows that celery is the worst product to swallow, followed by peaches, strawberries & apples. Kale & collard greens, spinach and potatoes also join this family of toxic foods! However, the most pesticide infected of the fruits are grapes! Some tests have revealed over 20 different pesticides on the fruit that is connected with so-called healthy wines.

Pesticides have been linked to nervous system toxicity, cancer, hormone system disruption and IQ deficits in children. Pesticides are used to protect agricultural produce form bugs and also to extend its “supermarket shelf life”.

However, there are ways to avoid possible modifications for both organic and fresh produce. Wash fruits & vegetables under running water just before eating or cooking. Use a brush scrub hard surfaces, such as with melons & cucumbers?

The cleanest vegetables and fruits to consume are, Avocado, Unions, Pineapples, Papaya and Cauliflower. 

Crickey-Conservation Society 2017.


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