The smartphones of Israeli soldiers were hacked by Hamas pretending to be attractive young women online. Using fake profiles on Facebook along with alluring images, Hamas cyber operatives contacted the IDF soldiers, luring them into long chats.

Countless of lower-ranked IDF soldiers were convinced enough by the honey trap to download fake applications, which enabled Hamas to take control over their phone. The existing potential threat can turn into a real threat to the security of Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) attacked the Palestinians three times since 2008. While the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip has been completely shut off and blocked by the Israeli military forces, Hamas uses tunnels and technology to escape the occupation.

Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip are completely surrounded by the IDF and therefore can not visit their families living in the invaded, annexed and occupied West Bank, or live their lives in freedom as other normal human beings.

The Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are rounded up like cattle and are not even allowed to fish in their own territorial waters, because the Israeli navy patrols the Mediterranean coast and shoots at anybody suspicious.

During the last Israeli airstrikes, the Gaza Strip was bombed back to the stone age by hostile military assaults that destroyed 17.000 buildings and killed thousands of Palestinians, most of them children seeking refuge in schools.

The humanitarian catastrophe is not mentioned and totally censored by the international mainstream Zionist media. Israel must be brought to justice for these structural war crimes, but the powerful international Jewish lobby methodically prevents the Palestinians from seeking to fight for their humanitarian rights.

AFP / AA Magnum News 2017.


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