In the wake of hurricane Harvey, people who live near Houston’s refineries & chemical plants are concerned about their health and safety due to possible damages and poisonous leaks caused by flooding.

In the aftermath of hurricane Harvey, an air sample taken by Houston Health Department shows a heavy concentration of carcinogen benzene in a neighborhood near the local Valero Energy refinery.

Air samples taken from the low-income minority neighborhood of the Manchester district in Houston show how people have to deal with the effects of industrial pollution. Many employees of the plants and residents nearby believe the chemicals are the source of pollution and health issues.

Manchester is one of the several areas of Houston found to have higher levels of childhood leukemia. Now Houston is dealing with the possibility of an increase in dangerous chemicals because of the destructive flooding of Hurricane Harvey.

The situation unfolding in Houston is yet another example of corporations and the State partnering together to enforce their rule and escape accountability. The people of Houston have long been the victims of a city government willing to work with petro-chemical companies that have no regard for the health of those living closest to their facilities.

However, these facilities are producing oil- and gas products (plastics) that the average person uses every single day. How can we complain about the dangers of these industries while we continue to support them through our purchases and habits. Are you willing to change your lifestyle?

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