Democracy is the tool for the Western Imperialists to corrupt worldwide governments into the economic trap.  With promises of freedom and a long and happy life, energy is sucked out of the living dead.

With the banks showing the way on how to present ourselves, capitalism is feeded in the most extreme form to satisfy the greed and lust off the powerfull families in the world. Headed by the banking super typhoons, the Rothschild family. They own all the central banks in the world and thereby control all the moneyflows.

The latest trend of the West to “damage control” recent loss of Imperial ecomomical power (*due to the alternatives for the IMF and World Bank called the BRICS union), ISIS was founded to cover up the Western connections. Islamic people were lured into terror brigades, that cause havoc and bloodbaths across the Middle East reaching Europe.

With the huge explosions in “rogue countries ” such as China and Iraq and the New U.S. airstrikes carried out from Turkish military air force bases at a moment Iran and Turkey called a two day truce and cease fire, the world was rocked by the new wave of violence today. But this is nothing yet of what is too come. The Greek Time Bomb for example.

Not to mention other battlefields of WW III, such as Yemen, Ukraine, North Korea, Northern Africa (Sudan, Nigeria, Mali, Libya, Somalia, Central African Republic and Chaad). Boko Haram represents the ISIS ghost coming down on Africa.

All in all Muslims, are (ab)used to stage the massive and extensive battles to favor the large oil companies profits. The Defense Industry is always the only business that runs smoothly during World Wars. They provide the juice for the deluted to enhance political illusions and give up economic control, backed by the central banks.

Bye, Bye Future Media / AA edited News 2015.





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