Israel claims to treat (occupied) Jerusalem as a unified city, but in reality there is one set of rules for Jews and another for Palestinians. Since the Six-Day War in 1967, UNSC Resolution 242 demanded the IDF to withdraw from all the territories seized during the war, but the regime in Tel-Aviv ignored the (international) ruling ever since.

Israel later withdrew from the Egyptian Gaza Strip, but laid a military siege, including a total blockade on the invaded and occupied territory. However, the regime annexed and continued to occupy the Jordanian West Bank and the Syrian Golan Heights.

Since, 1967 about nearly 15.000 Palestinians have had their residence status revoked, and were deported to refugee camps in neighboring countries, such as Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Deportation or forced transfers of any part of the population of an occupied territory could amount to war crimes, according to the Human Rights Watch.

About 1.4 million Arab-Israeli’s live within the occupied territories. This part of the population (18%) are the descendants of Palestinians who remained on their land even after the creation of the Zionist regime in 1948.

Stripping Palestinians of their citizenship, would render them ‘stateless’, which is in violation of Israel’s obligations under international human rights law. The 1967 War and Israel’s ensuing land seizure displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Syrians so far, and nothing appears to be changing regarding this evil matter.

Reuters / AA Magnum Blog Site News 2017.


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