Category 4, Hurricane Maria is rolling into the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. The heavily damaged northern Caribbean islands can not stand another punishing hit anymore, but have to deal with the consequences of the Atlantic hurricane season every year.

However, 2017 is turning into disastrous season for St.Maarten, Barbuda & Virgin Islands, which have already been ravaged by hurricane Irma & Jose over the last 10 days. Emergency operators are worried for the rainy aftermath of the powerful Category 4 hurricane Maria.

For most of the islands the life saving evacuations have started with the help of some military aircraft and cruise ships that were made available by the operators.

Hurricane Maria is moving west-northwest @ 9 knots at a speed 9 miles per hour. Maria is now located at 15.1N 60.7 W and is showing maximum sustained winds of 115 knots or 135 mph.

The center of hurricane Maria is now on top of Dominica and the French Caribbean Islands, Guadeloupe and Martinique, drenching them with heavy rains. Also a storm surge of 3 meters is expected to flood coastal areas.

We hope the people can defend themselves or otherwise take cover in shelters made available by their governments.

NOAA / Crickey-Conservation-Society 2017.


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