U.S. President-elect, Donald Trump’s secret war is against those who really govern America. His inauguration might set off and trigger a Civil War in the United States.

Lone wolf shooters. trucks used as attack vehicles and weaponized drones are all considered significant risks by security agencies, as nearly one million people prepare to visit Washington Friday for Donald Trumps presidential inauguration.

Braced for ‘protests’ by 99 groups and a new global terrorist environment, security officials plan to protect the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump with buses, dump trucks and other heavy vehicles loaded with cement to thwart anyone who might try to plow vehicles through the crowds.

As recruited fascist-inspired terrorists in Europe killed dozens during two devastating truck attacks on crowds in Nice and Berlin last year, the US government is taking special measures to prevent a similar terror attack in Washington.

The Obama Administration and the Clinton Foundation have lost their grip on the US society, but Zionist-minded newspapers continue to demonize Trump for whatever comes up. Rascist defensive remarks against a noble black American or otherwise the easy way out simply blaming Russians.

Several US activist groups, including organizations such as DisruptJ20 and Black Lives Matter intend to sabotage the inauguration of the elected new US president, Donald Trump. The last American president who opted for peace with Russia, was J.F. Kennedy.

The incoming administration plans to hold a variety of reforms to get rid of “the legacy America has earned during the last ruling presidents”, not only in foreign countries, but also in domestic policy.

With Trump as new president, one shall assume that protest movements in the USA will only get grow, which can lead into a civil war for the wrong reasons. One out of six Americans relies on privately established food kitchens in order to survive. The federal social programs are merely brought to a standstill, which simple people will blame on Trump.

Times of Israel / AA Magnum News 2017.



  1. The Europeans need to pull their heads out of their asses and open their eyes , they are being invaded and occupied , not by the Russians , but by the US military ! Try telling the Americans to pack up and leave , see what happens .

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