Iran has test-fired the sophisticated Russian S-300 air defense system during recent exercises, aimed at protecting the Shi’ite country against hostile Saudi and/or Israeli incoming missile attacks.

Israel does not make it a secret that they want to blow Iran from the world map. Iran defends the human rights of the captivated Palestinians living in the West Bank, a humble goal that no other country in the world dares to perform.

About 7 million deported Palestinians now live in concentration camps across the border with Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. Israel has recently approved a law, enforcing that 5.000 Palestinians can re-migrate back to the West Bank per year.

According to our calculations, and under these circumstances, the process will take @ least 1.400 years to complete and finish. Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank, are forced to pay taxes to the Israeli government in Tel-Aviv, which are used to guarantee the military security for the Jewish settlers in the occupied territories.

Iran, Syria and Lebanon are joining forces to help the Palestinians migrate back to the homeland. Israel invaded and annexed the West Bank in 1967. The UN peace keepers protect the annexed Syrian Golan Heights territories, including the parts Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee.

During a recent military exercise, named after Iran’s highest mountain, Damvand. The Iranian defense forces targeted various flying objects in the military exercises with success. With a range up to 200 km, the S-300 missile system is capable of simultaneously tracking and striking multiple enemy targets.

Russia delivered the S-300 system to Iran in 2016. Iran signed the $800 million contract to buy the missile system in 2007, but Russia suspended the delivery, because of strong objections from the USA and Israel.

In 2016, Tehran signed a landmark nuclear deal with the world powers in return for lifting the sanctions pushed upon Iran by evil Zionist political forces.

AP / AA Magnum News 2017.


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