Last week, a U.S. top military official called Iran one of the greatest threats to U.S. security in the Middle East.

The Americans accused Tehran of playing a destabilizing role in the region through “lethal aid facilitation”, using surrogate forces and cyber activities.  But, what is the U.S. exactly doing in the Persian Gulf?

After all who started the Arab Spring, created ISIS and is systematically destabilizing Africa & the Middle East since 2010? 

The U.S. can better leave the region and stop destroying countries like Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan and so on. At the moment the US has annexed 88 government in different countries. The western media calls the hostile intrusions international diplomacy to “secure democracy”.

The relations between Washington and Tehran have been strained for a long time. Last week the USA sanctioned 30 individuals and entities in 10 countries for supplying goods and services in support of Iran so-called ballistic program, with the restrictive measures to remain in place for two years.

Because the USA control the dollar payment system, supported by Zionist banks, Washington is able to solely sanction every country in the world that doesn’t live up to the U.S. standards.

What if Iran conducts military drills in the international waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Is it acceptable for an armed robber to enter someone’s house expecting that a red carpet will be laid out before them?

America must stop is hostile activities around the world in order to blame others, in their media outlets, for being the reason for this type of confrontation. Only evil entities supported by fake news reports can operate like this.

The world must sober up and smell the roses, before the Americans stand on your doorstep to destroy the lives of innocent people.

Sputnik / AA Magnum News 2017.


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