Iraqi forces have liberated almost 30% of west Mosul from ISIS terrorists. The terror brigades are vastly outnumbered and out gunned by 100.000 Iraqi forces backed by Iranian freedom fighters.

ISIS is trying to defend their last major stronghold in Iraq, using mortars, suicide car bombs and snipers. Federal police and Rapid Response units have entered the Bab al-Tob area of the old city, where the fight is expected to be the toughest due to narrow alleyways through which armored vehicles can not pass.

As many as 600.000 civilians are trapped with ISIS inside the city which Iraqi forces have effectively sealed off from the remaining territory that ISIS controls in Syria and Iraq. The enemy has lost its fighting power and are running low on ammunition.

ISIS has begun to lose command and control and now 17 out of the 40 western districts have been liberated from the covert Western-Saudi terror coalition, working to create and establish the Greater Babylonian Israel.

The Iraqi-Freedom-Liberation movement supported by Iran are now three weeks into the military campaign, designed to recapture districts west of the Tigris River that bisects Mosul. 

Losing Mosul would be a major blow to ISIS, however the terror group is expected to pose a continuing threat reverting to insurgent tactics such as bombings of large urban centers, killing as much people as they can.

Reuters / AA Magnum-News 2017.


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