Iraqi special forces launched another offensive on Sunday against ISIS defending the previously annexed and occupied Mosul’s west bank to give the city on the Tigris River back to the autonomous Kurdish people.

The forces swiftly took and least five surrounding villages back and now set their sights on Mosul airport, which lies just south of the city, delivering a new phase in Iraq’s largest military operation in years.

The Iraqi forces are beginning the liberation of the citizens from the terror of ISIS, while Turkish military forces block a possible escape route north of Mosul, avoiding the terrorists from fleeing (back) into Turkey. It took Iraq’s most seasoned forces, the elite counter-terrorism service more than 2 month to clear the eastern side of Mosul

The four-month old operation on the country’s second largest city has already been a successful mission so far. Unfortunately about 2.000 Iraqi soldiers gave their lives to battle the Western supported terrorist forces occupying the oil fields and water resources in northern Iraq.

A top army commander announced that the Iraqi-coalition forces are led by federal police units which retook villages south of Mosul, and leaves them within striking distance of the airport. After a pause federal forces now face “the toughest nut to crack”, Mosul’s west bank, home to the narrow streets of the old city.

Iraqi commanders have said that ISIS may no longer have the resources to defend east Mosul effectively. However West Mosul had the potential certainly of bringing more difficult, house-to-house fighting on a larger and more bloody scale.

Residents of west Mosul have reported very heavy living conditions being already low on food, with weeks of fighting expected to lie ahead. Save the children urged all parties to protect the estimated 350.000 children currently trapped in west Mosul. ISIS uses civilians as human shields as part of its defense tactics.

AFP / AA Magnum-News 2017.


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