The ISIS terrorist brigade blew up a landmark hotel in Western Mosul to prevent Iraqi Army liberation forces from using it as a base in their offense to recapture the Kurdish autonomous capital from of the hands of the enemy.

The Ninawa Mosul Hotel was shaped as a step pyramid before ISIS destroyed the building with several explosions. The Mosul Hotel stands close to the Tigris River which divides the city. Mosul’s five bridges across the Tigris had already been damaged by U.S.-led NATO airstrikes to slow the advance of the Iraqi liberation forces.

Iraqi liberation forces appeared to have taken full control of the eastern part of the city and now are preparing to attack the western bank of Mosul. The U.S. military is desperately providing air support to ISIS to keep on supporting their hostile campaign in Iraq.

The Iraqi 71st Army Brigade colonel, Sabhan Hassan al-Jubouri was killed to frustrate and slow down the liberation efforts for Mosul, but the Iraqi army already managed to set up several pontoons across the Tigris, south of Mosul, to facilitate the movement of troops in preparation for the offense on the western side of the city.

ISIS captured the city in 2014, with help of American build Abram tanks and Humvees. But now the western CIA-backed terrorist group is being flushed out and neutralized by the mighty Iraqi army, with the support of Iranian special forces.

Newsweek / AA Magnum News 2017.


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