The Egyptian Gaza Strip has been subjected to an overall economic blockade in order to destabilize the two million Palestinians locked up inside the largest concentration camp in the world.

New reports from human rights organizations are alerting the world to a deepening humanitarian crises in the territory along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Anti-Semitism is not the issue, Palestine is!

The impact of Israel’s policy-making for Gaza Catastrophe is deliberate, considered and purposeful in order to cause a systematic collapse of an already battered infrastructure and economy. Gaza has been structurally dispossessed of its capacity for rational and sustainable economic growth.

However, Israel insists that the blockade is a security matter designed to keep Hamas in check. Israel imposed the blockade on Gaza in 2007, following the return of an Hamas government after elections in 2006. The Israeli policy proves that it’s aimed to keep the Gazan economy on the brink of collapse without pushing it over the edge.

Israeli government advisor, Dov Weisglass said in 2006, that the idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger. In 2012, an Israeli court forced the release of a government ‘red lines’ document, which detailed the number of calories Palestinians in Gaza need to consume to avoid extreme malnutrition.

The chilling calculation behind the red lines policy underlines the extend of Israel’s deception in publicly suggesting that the blockade is a security measure, while privately and methodically inflicting collective punishment on an already desperately poor population, mostly compromising refugees.

What distinguishes this crisis from the disasters and emergencies that normally push civilian populations to the edge of catastrophe is that it is not the result of a hurricane, flood, tsunami, drought of famine, but the calculated policy of the Israeli government! The USA and EU followed Israel’s lead in refusing to accept that the regime’s actions are based upon genocide.

Israel’s desire to rid itself from any responsibility for Gaza while retaining control of it, reflects the way business is done. The scam was set up to internally divide, separate and isolate the Palestinians, demographically and politically so as to ensure Israel’s full control both direct (West Bank) and indirect (Gaza Strip), over all Palestinian land and resources.

The imposition of strict border controls, tightly limiting, the movement of goods and people across Gaza’s borders by Israel has been compounded by the closure of smuggling tunnels into Gaza by the regime. The tunnels functioned as an economic lifeline for the rounded up Palestinian population living in the Gaza Strip.

The social pressures of poverty and economic isolation, caused by the blockade have been compounded and exacerbated by three Israeli military operations in Gaza since 2008, which collectively claimed the lives of 3.745 Palestinians. 

The most recent operation “Protective Edge” was an 51-day onslaught in the summer of 2014, that killed 1.473 civilians, including 501 children and 257 women. The infrastructural damage was also devastating, with 78 hospitals and medical clinics damaged, 259 schools damaged or destroyed, 17.800 homes damaged or completely destroyed, and half of the open field crop areas blown away by the hostile IDF airstrikes.

Only external pressure could change the Zionist genocidal policy against Gaza, which is exactly why Palestinian civil society has reluctantly called for international support in order to stop the boycott. Now finally the international community is urging pressure on Israel to respect international law.

Global Research California / AA Magnum Analyst Blog News 2017.


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