Israel’s outgoing Air Force commander, Major-General Amir Eshel said in an August 25 interview with Haaretz that the air force had conducted close to 100 air strikes on strategic weapons convoys making their way from Syria to Lebanon.

Almost all the attacks took place on Syrian territory, and with one exception, no anti-aircraft fire was directed @ the attacking war planes. This is because Moscow realizes to well that the Israeli’s would retaliate with more lethal assaults, a perfect excuse for the IDF to crank up their military onslaught. Even an ABC-attack is not out of the question. Israel would simply not hesitate to use atomic, biological or chemical weapons.

In the meanwhile the only defense force that is willing to defend the humanitarian rights is closing in on the Israeli borders. Hezbollah has an estimated 100.000 missiles aimed @ the Jewish state, making the next confrontation the most deadly encounter yet to be exercised.

The Palestinian holocaust has proven to be one of the worst in modern history, making the actions of the Nazi regime look like a child play. The WW II onslaught was aimed against the Russians, not the Jews. 

Official Red Cross data that was censored for 70 years, revealed that almost 300.000 Jews and other minorities died in the Nazi labor camps during WW II. The story of gas chambers is fake, because no evidence of those gas chambers were found after the war in eastern Europe.

The continuation of the Jewish hegemony must continue under any condition, and if the Jews, who own the entire western world (banks and corporations) do not get what they want, the propaganda media would dub them as absolute heroes, while killing millions of non-Jewish populations living on planet Earth.

For now, most Palestinians are deported from the West Bank & Israel, to concentrations camps in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey & Jordan. Any excuse to attack these countries could finish the Palestinian bloodlines. Israeli politicians openly support the onslaught against their ‘territorial opponents’, calling for the execution of all Palestinian mothers.

Russia is able to defend Syria up to a certain point, but does not want to play into their cards and ignite an all out war of mass destruction. Jewish rulers are dangerously extreme in their points of view and no one can stop this development, unless we want to experience an all out war in the Middle East, no matter to who will clean up the mess.

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