The Israeli government announced that it has plans to build 250.000 new settlements in Judea and Samaria, in occupied West Bank.

Most of the construction would be in existing settlement bloc’s, that Israel intends to keep under any future peace agreement.

However, a break down provided by the authorities showed large portions of the planned homes would be outside the existing settlement bloc’s? About 350.000 Jews already live in the occupied West Bank, while another 200.000 invasive settlers annexed and occupied East Jerusalem.

The Israeli military seized and occupied the West Bank in 1967, during the war with Jordan. Beyond the major bloc’s, most of which are close to the border with Israel, there are more than 100 settlement outposts scattered across hilltops in the West Bank.

Apart from building in occupied territories, the Palestinians living in these areas are deported to refugee (prison) camps outside the West Bank in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. The Palestinians left behind are forced to pay taxes to the Jewish regime, in order to compensate and cover the costs for the Israeli military defense forces operating in the annexed territories..

The decision by the Zionist criminal regime will hinder any attempt to restore security and stability. The approval is meant to reinforce extremism and terrorism. Further the invading obstacles must block any path or any effort to start a peace process, so the Zionist regime can continue their onslaught against unarmed Palestinians and ignore world peace.

The other seized territories by the IDF are the Egyptian Gaza Strip, and the Syrian Golan Heights. However Israel disagrees, citing biblical, historical and political connections to the annexed Palestinian lands.

Since the Oslo accords were signed in 1993, the Zionist regime has stalled to implement the agreements. Since then, 24 years of talks have resulted in bombing the Gaza Strip back to the stone age and building villages and housing complexes in the occupied West Bank.

Because the negotiations since 1993 failed to end the occupation, and new attempts by Obama administration to restart the peace process, were blown of the table, the Zionist regime has doubled the Israeli settler population, while spending $6.3 billion annually on settlements since 2010.

Over 11.000 Palestinians have been expelled and deported from Jerusalem since 1993. About 15.000 Palestinian homes have been demolished by the Zionist authorities, while another 4.500 are ready to be demolished. The Israeli restrictions (522 check points) and Palestinian fragmentation must continue for the Jews to get what they want.

About 4.4 million Palestinians are rounded up in 167 different enclaves in Gaza and the West Bank, while 4.8 million Palestinians are awaiting a humanitarian solution. The UN is stone walling the situation, for the Zionists to prevail.

On Sunday the Isreali authorities approved the construction of another 566 settler homes in East Jerusalem. The Jewish demoralizing attitude is as long as their noses.

Al Jazeera / AA Magnum News 2017.


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