As Israel starts it demolition work to make room to build its American road project in East Jerusalem, dozens of Palestinian households are on the edge, as their lives lie directly in its pad.

The al-Touq Highway is being constructed to connect Israeli settlements, north, south and east of East Jerusalem and cuts right through sections of East Jerusalem, in order to join the Maale Adumim and Har Homa settlements on the occupied West Bank.

Roughly 12 Palestinian neighborhoods in Jabal al-Mukaber will be confiscated to build the road. About 500 Palestinians living in 57 homes are set to be demolished for the “American Road Project”.

The project map reportedly shows the disconnection of roads that link Jerusalem’s Palestinian neighborhoods, cutting residents of from health-care facilities and schools, leaving the road only to be used by Israeli’s.

The plan comes on the heels of a recently passed and hotly debated bill that legalizes thousands Isreali homes on private Palestinian Land. The ‘regulation law” has been called theft and land grab by the opposition and rightfull owners.

The Jewish military occupation forces the Palestinians to pay taxes to finance the Israeli security costs . Israel’s decision on settlements also jeopardizes the peace process with Palestine and the Middle East.

The United Nations recently adopted Resolution 2234, in which is stated that the development of Israeli settlements must be stopped immediately, but the Israeli regime in Tel-Aviv has its own agenda as usual, and does not care about other people’s human rights, when it comes to building the Greater Israel, which must also cover large parts of Babylonian Syria and Iraq (Mesopotamia) in the future.

Jerusalem Post / AA Magnum News 2017.


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