The Israeli Air Force has intensified its air strike campaign against Syrian Arab Army positions in order to support their covert military operations inside Syria. 

The escalation of Israeli attacks against Syrian government positions in the Golan Heights have been described as a bid to protect allied terrorist groups in the area and prevent major Syrian army gains to recapture their occupied territories.

With the American military invading Syria from the north and eastern parts of Syria, the IDF strikes the Arab country from the south. However, Russia, Turkey and Iran have been supporting the Syrian government forces and helped liberate large pieces of land, including villages and towns, previously held and occupied by ISIS.

Both the US-led coalition and the IDF have been committing war crimes against humanity, but Western controlled UN is disrupting any investigation into the large-scale genocide called ethnic cleansing. The Western media glorifies the human engineering program and blames the Islamic countries for the holocaust.

Three years ago, the official death count was thought to be around 400.000 people, while at least half of the country’s population has been displaced, while living as refugees in concentration camps in bordering countries, such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

Over 1 million Syrians have fled to Europe and can not return to their home town and villages, because of nuclear and chemical contamination caused by ammunition used by the US-led coalition forces in Syria. Depleted uranium and phosphorous bombs inflicted irreversible damage to the urban environments.

The horror show continues as long as the UN doesn’t implement sanctions against the invading military forces, that annexed and occupy large pieces of Syria. The de-escalation zones must put a stop to at least some of these war crimes committed on a daily basis by the so-called US-led coalition.

Times of Israel / AA-Magnum Analyst Blog-Site News 2017.


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