After a six-year long Zionist campaign of war crimes committed to destroy the Syrian people, Israeli minister Yoav Galant has now called for the assassination of Syrian elected leader Bashar al-Assad. 

Israel accuses Assad for committing war crimes, they themselves have organized against the Syrian population in an attempt to oust president Assad. Syria is one of the few Arab countries where the president is elected through a nationwide vote.

In what appears to be the first “recorded” Israeli threat to assassinate Syrian president Assad, came after Washington’s allegations that the Syrian army has used chemical weapons and burns the bodies of terrorists killed by the Syrian government forces. As usual the allegations are presented without proof or any hard evidence.

However, what the world is aware of, is that chemical weapons and depleted uranium are being used by terrorists to compromise Syrian security and poison the land, villages and towns in order to deport the Syrian blood lines from the face of the Earth.

Galant is a retired IDF general that wants to see Assad and his Alawite government ousted from power and replaced by a Sunni puppet that carries out the orders demanded by evil Zionist entities in order to follow-up the ethnic cleansing program, described in the evil human engineering agenda.

For now America has been the most destructive in the history of the world, far worse than the human engineering agenda’s carried out by Nazi Germany and Japan.

Jerusalem Post / AA Magnum News 2017.


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