The Israeli regime opposes to a Russian brokered peace keeping mission in Syria? Encouraged by Jordan’s desire to pull out of the Syrian War, the Kremlin and the Pentagon announced a ceasefire plan for southwestern Syria.

While Jordan welcomes the deal, Syria’s other neighbor Israel, which has been pounding the Syrian Arab Army over and over again, feels apparently threatened by the peace deal? The USA and Russia announced the deal @ the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. However, they yet have to work out how the cease-fire is to be monitored.

Russia has offered its military police to monitor the ceasefire, but Israel seems to prefer to have American troops enforce the peace effort in southern Syria. Unfortunately, the government in Damascus does not want more American soldiers operating in its territory, because they openly support the terrorists destroying the country!

Israel has issued a number of other demands for it to accept the peace deal, that’s why it want to invite the USA to enter the “death zone” for its sake. This bizarre situation, where a peace deal for southern Syria is hostage to its neighbor, a neighbor which already occupies Syria’s Golan Heights, but now bluntly shows it wants US-manned buffer zone around its occupation zone on top of it.

So, in short, a ceasefire deal that could be a stepping stone to peace in southern Syria may go nowhere because this neighbor, which organized and supported the Jihadi rebellion in Syria and illegally occupies Syrian territory, should still have veto-power over its destiny?

In the end, the stolen territories (Syrian Golan Heights), stolen water (Jordan River & Sea of Galilee), and stolen oil, is what Israel is really all about. And this is a great part of the reason for the ongoing horror in Syria, in order to preserve Israel’s stolen assets.

Jerusalem Post / AA Magnum News 2017.


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