The Israeli military forces are building up their defenses in anticipation of another conflict with Lebanon, after a string of warnings from Israeli officials of a potential confrontation.

Israel fears the resistance against its brutal regime that murdered or deported millions of Palestinians to so-called refugee camps in Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. Because the position of the IDF is directly by the border, the enemy fears that the resistance will advance on it.

The Israeli army was erecting earth walls up to 10 meters high, as well as reinforcing a military position near the Israeli border town Kibbutz of Hanita. The IDF is undertaking these fortifications and building these barricades in fear of an advance by Hezbollah.

On the demarcation line, officially patrolled by the Lebanese Army and the UN peacekeeping force known as UNIFIL, there was little sign of tension. 

Israel withdrew its military forces from invaded southern Lebanon in 2000, after a 22-year hostile occupation. The 34-day IDF attack in 2006 lead to the deaths of 1.200 people in Lebanon, many civilians, and 160 Israeli’s, mostly soldiers. 

Israel already has carried out numerous raids on civilian and military positions in Syria over the last years. The regime in Tel-Aviv is constantly invading foreign territories and killing all the people in it. The destruction of the Gaza Strip showed clearly how hostile the fascist forces operate. The total damage was estimated at $5 billion.

This time around, in another showdown, the Israeli’s will suffer far greater losses than during the previous conflicts. The former one-sided battles caused many civilian casualties. The IDF bombed and destroyed 17.000 buildings and murdered over 2.000 Palestinian civilians, most of them women and children.

This process is called human engineering, wiping out the future bloodlines without any remorse. This evil tactic is always backed up by fake news agencies, blaming the victims for committing war crimes, while the real war crimes are typically censored by this Jewish controlled media.

Israel is now afraid of the consequences it awakened. Many tortured societies are building up their defenses against another Israeli attack on their livelihoods. This one-sided holocaust can not continue much longer.

Thanks to the alternative media, their ongoing war crimes have been unmasked in an attempt to hold them responsible before an international court, so justice can be prevailed. Now all of a sudden, the warmonger regimes do not recognize the United Nations anymore. Very convenient to say at the least.

AFP / AA Magnum News 2017.


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