Israel’s biggest problem against them annexing favorable Arab territories has been Iran, that politically and militarily is prepared to defend the rights of Palestine for its to exist. But, if the Zionist state doesn’t get what it wants, it will plunge the entire world into total global warfare.

The leader of the Israeli regime, Netanyahu issued threatening these words to Medvedev, along with a further threat that Russia “should watch its own back” and not be surprised when a Mushroom Cloud starts appearing above Tehran, leaving everybody in shock as to what all of the events meant. 

Medvedev, when faced with Netanyahu’s outburst was reported to have responded to the threat (that Israel will take the whole world down) in an orderly matter, and that Russia would not sanction Israel planned nuclear bombing of Iran, but would very likely retaliate if Netanyahu carries out his evil nuclear threat. 

The Western media always blames Israel’s adversaries for disturbing the global peace, but now its shows that the roles in fact the other way around, and that the Jewish regime is ready and capable of blowing up the whole world and all the people in it, if it doesn’t get what it wants?

Whatsupic / AA Magnum News 2017.


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