Since 2013, Israeli warplanes have been carrying out airstrikes Syrian military bases and arms depots. The world has stood by and watched the Armageddon evolve, because the news was censored by the international press.

For some reason the Israeli war jets have been able to avoid Syrian air defense missiles and enter Syrian airspace @ free will. The Israeli secret services might have breached the Syrian security codes, for the IDF war planes to complete their hostile missions against neighboring Syria.

Israel first launched airstrikes against suspected Syrian arms consignments in January 2013. Since then, there have been @ least 19 airstrikes, most of them in the Damascus area and further north in the Qalamoun region, where there are a large number of Syrian military bases, including missile sites.

After the recent airstrikes on Palmyra, to support the terrorists brigades that want to oust president Assad from power, Syria launched missiles of its own against Israel.

Israel deployed an Arrow anti-missile system for the first time in a combat situation to shoot down a Syrian missile that entered Israeli airspace. In a couple of weeks Israel’s David Sling missile system will also be operational.

Along with the air raid sirens and sound of explosions in the night sky above Jerusalem, apparently compelled Israel to publicly admit for the first time that its aircraft had struck targets inside Syria.

Israel continues to signal its determination to target advanced weapons and that the Israeli Air Force would wipe out Syria’s air-defense system, if its jets were targeted again.

As long as the USA boycotts UN Human Rights sessions on Israel and Tel-Aviv threatens to destroy Syria air defenses “if attacked again”, the world will never be a be a better place to live in. So try to avoid ‘fake news’ and prepare yourself for an escalation of WW III fought on the battlefields of the Middle-East.

UPI / AA Magnum News 2017.


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