Israeli war jets fired a number of missiles from Lebanese airspace @ Syrian army positions killing two soldiers in the stationed west-central province of Hama. This is just another act of aggression towards the Syrian government, and an attempt to boost morale of the terrorists operating in Syria.

In the meanwhile, the US military operating in Syria, without permission of the United Nations Security Council, has airlifted 22 ISIS commanders from Dayr al-Zawr.

The Israeli air strikes targeted Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions in Maysaf, located 60 km east of the coastal city of Tartus, where Russia holds a naval base. This aggression comes after the morale of ISIS collapsed because sweeping victories achieved by SAA against terrorism at more than one front in Syria.

Earlier media reports said the Israeli military had struck a scientific and a military facility in Maysaf. Over the past years, the Israeli military has carried out numerous hostile attacks against the Syrian Army in an attempt to boost the Takfiri terror groups that fight the Assad government.

The entire US-Israeli-led campaign to create carnage in Syria and murder hundreds of thousands of civilians, while forcing millions to flee their homeland is aimed to expand Israel and the lands they occupied more and more inside the Arab world. The project is called the Oded Yinon Plan. / AA-Magnum Analyst-Blog News 2017.



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