Research has revealed that at least 16 mafia families operate through Israel, with 5 of the clans controlling the business in the promised land, while the 11 other crime rings work at an international level.

Of the international operating organized crime rings, six consist out of Jewish families, with three of them have Arab roots, and even a Palestinian syndicate. Many Israeli mafia families carry double identities, like Jewish-Russian, Jewish-Italian and Jewish-Moroccan.

The best known syndicates are the families of Abergil, Abutbul, Alperon, Dumrani, Shirazi, Amir Molnar and Zeev Rosenstein. They all have a broad interest in gambling, casino’s, car theft, car smuggling, prostitution, drugs trade, money laundering, extortion, diamond smuggling, weapon trade, real estate, racketeering and private protection.

The ex-Soviet mafia was established in 1989, when a massive flow of Jewish-Russian migrants traveled to Israel, and took advantage of the special settlement agreements that were implemented in the Israeli financial system.

Because the Israeli Law basically provides no specific rulings against money laundering issues, the Russian Jews took advantage of the system and therefore successfully established its crime syndicate.

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