The Jerusalem Post has warned that “Israel’s air superiority is at risk of being challenged in one of the most difficult” areas if Russia decides to sell Syria more advanced air defense systems.

The newspaper has voiced fears that the Israeli pilots might get killed if Damascus had its hands on more effective missiles.  The unit in question is the S-300, a Russian long range surface-to-air missile system, developed to defend against aircraft and cruise missiles. The system is one the most advanced weapons in its class.

Since 2013, Israel has confirmed hitting about 100 targets in Syria, while many more strikes have also been reported to have been launched by the Jewish state forces, who later denied it. Some targets were in the Syrian-Israeli border area in the Golan Heights, but also on Damascus and the rest of Syria.

According to the media, the more up-to-date S-300 systems could be a needed upgrade for Syrian air defense, which now consists of Soviet-era weapons. According to the JP, the most advanced Russian system Damascus possesses is a short range set Pantsir S-1, able to shoot down drones and missiles traveling in Syrian airspace.

The Trump administration said it is now preparing sanctions against the sale of these weapon systems to the outside world in order to protect the US hegemony.

However, the Russian Defense Ministry said, that Moscow might reconsider a sale of the S-300 systems to Damascus following the hostile US coalition air strike on Syria. The attacks were engaged without permission from the UN Security Council, which makes the assault a dirty war crime.

The US military forces invaded almost 25% of Syria, occupying almost 80% of its oil fields in order to bankrupt the Syrian economy. Therefore is sounds kind of hypocritical to sanction countries that want to help defend its own territory against hostile invaders?

In 2016, Russia delivered a S-300 to another Israeli rival power in the Middle East and an ally to the Syrian government, Iran. The $800-million Moscow-Tehran deal to deliver Russian-made S-300 air defense systems to Iran was initially signed in 2007, but had been suspended due to the adoption of UN Security Council sanctions on Iran in 2010.

Sputnik / AA Magnum Analyst News 2018.


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